While entering Expenses or Deposits, why does the system not allow me to select before a certain date?

When you set up Deskera Books, you need to specify a "Books beginning date".

This is the date from whence you decide to start entering transactions in Deskera Books. Any other account balances or pending transactions need to be inserted as opening balances

This is the reason the system does not let you choose a transaction date before the Books Beginning Date.

However if you wish to specify the balances of various accounts, stock levels, current stock value, pending bills or pending invoices, you can always add them as opening balances

1. For Ledgers or Chart of Accounts - enter a cumulative opening balance as on Books Beginning Date

2. For Stock or Inventory - enter a cumulative count for each respective product and cumulative valuation as on Books Beginning Date

3. For Contacts - you need to insert each pending Bill & pending Invoice one by one so that you can set them off later

Deskera Books also allows you to bulk import opening balances for all the 3 aspects given above. To understand how this can be done, click here 👇