If I want to create a new sequence format in Deskera, say SI-0001 and I want to continue generating Invoices starting the sequence number SI-0076. How do I do that?

You can do both, create your own sequence format templates and also specify the starting point for that sequence format. Follow the below steps

1. Go to Invoice creation screen in Deskera Books
2. Click on the sequence format shown on top and from the drop down, click on "# Custom Number Format"
3. Specify the prefix as "SI", separator as "-" and number of digits as 4. You may mark this as default else save it
4. Create the Invoice and select the sequence number format for this invoice as "Manual Input"
5. Enter the value SI-0076 manually once and save the Invoice after adding required details
6. The next Invoice that you wish to generate, simply select the sequence format you just created, i.e "SI-0000" and save the Invoice. The invoice will auto pick up the next sequence number as "SI-0077"

Only the first invoice of this series has to be created by entering the sequence number manually, the rest all follow in an automated manner simply by selecting the sequence format