How can I create multiple pricing lists for my products in Deskera Books?

If the prices of your goods and services are constantly changing, be it sales or inflation, you can use the price listing feature in Deskera Books to help you record and save the product's pricing for future dates.

You can create Price Lists in Deskera Books easily. Simply follow the below steps

1. Click on the Price List tab in Deskera Books' Main Dashboard.
2. Click on the Create button
3. Fill up the Price List details - Name, currency, effective date and type
4. The effective date is the most crucial date, since that is where the prices get updated from
5. Add the products here and update the products' pricing as of the effective date. You cannot save duplicate products here. Save this list
6. Your transactions will now fetch the prices as per Price Lists and their effective date

For more details refer the below article