Can each of the Product Variants have a different sales price?

First, let's understand what are Product Variants

Product variants are individual products that have shared similarities based on their functionalities but differ in some aspects, such as their attributes like size, color, configuration, material, etc.

Some examples can be T-Shirts (Red, Blue, Black, Small, Medium etc), Software Applications (Startup plan, Essential, Professional), Aerated Drinks (300 mL, 600 mL, 1.25 L, 1.75 L)

Next let's come to how we can define a different sales price for each variant

1. When we create a new product and define its variant, that is the first screen where you can define individual sales price for each variant (Refer the screenshot shared)

2. The 2nd option to define sales price (or edit existing sales price) is once the variants have been created. Simply click on the variant product and click on the "Variant" sub-tab.

3. You will find each of the variants there, you can edit each variant and update its sales price in the variant detail page that opens up

Using the 2nd method, you can even modify tax rate, Barcode, default WH, reorder level etc for any particular variant

Refer to the screenshots shared