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James commented 4 days ago
Customer Success
How to enter Bank loan 1. Create your Bank Loan account. Accounting > Chart of Account > Create new Chart of Account. Type = Non-current liability. or just use the Deskera default account - Bank Loans 2. Record money receive... (More)
KuCoin has its own API that allows its users to connect with its platform. To activate it, simply visit the kucoin api website and sign in with your email and password. Once you've done so, you can access exclusive... (More)
A supertrend indicator is a trend indicator that plots a number on the price of an asset. This indicator uses two parameters to determine its accuracy: the ATR and the multiplier. These two parameters are based on the overall... (More)
David commented 7 months ago
How can I create multiple pricing lists for my products in Deskera Books? If the prices of your goods and services are constantly changing, be it sales or inflation, you can use the price listing feature in Deskera Books to... (More)